Every day I think about my life. How it's seem no one care about me or what I have to said. I can't understand myself I really just want to end my life but I still wake up each day & go to work. I still keep going another day. But I don't want to. I just want to quit in the middle of doing something & kill myself but for some odd reason I still finish what need to be done every day. But why can I finish my life. I'm want to commit suicide. But I can't do it. I feel like if I try I won't die, only hurt myself. Like if I down a whole thing of pills & I don't OD only damage my liver or kidney. Or jump in front of a car only to break few bones. Is there a easy way to do it with our living thru it???
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Think of the things that are making you unhappy if work is one of them things then quite! TAke the time out to heal yourself! I battle depression and have walked out on 2 jobs in my life sometimes when your that low you need to think stuff it and get your life back on track.. Do what makes you happy... Except yourself for who you are and love yourself after all thee is only one of you... And you are always missed by someone loved by someone and cared about by someone. We care. My step father took lots of drugs and passed away... And locked his house up so no one could get inside... But I did and I found him dead... He thought no one cared about him... Well I did and I think of him and miss him every single day of my life :)

You have t start to learn to love yourself and then those feelings will go away. You could try to stop thinking of reasons to end you life and start thinking of reasons to live.

I have dealt with those same feelings and managed to work my way through them, I sincerely hope that you can do the same.

Just remember you aren't alone brother.

Why do you want to die? It seems you are given a unique opportunity here. You don't want to live your life anymore, great. Quit your job, sell all your stuff and go do what you want to do. You can always kill yourself after if it doesn't work out.