Seeing Some Light, Finally

I have had depression most of my life, but didn't really know what it was until after I had a huge breakdown in college, that resulted with me dropping out and letting my student loans go into default.  I ended up moving in with my older sister, and she told me I should be put on medications.  I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with clinical depression.  Since then, it's been kept in control, and I'm working my way out of the financial mess I crashed myself into when I was in school. 

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

I know breakdowns can realllllyyy messed, i used to go through chronic anxiety attacks in 8th grade, it was ******, you have to spend some time with yourself and you have try to express your depression somehow, because once you can see it's form you can get rid of it. Try writing, and you can't be embarassed about the stupid crap you write because that's what's really embarrassing(slang). peace and chicken grease MWA