I've been dealing with depression for years. Well I'm sure that's what it is. It started as just a sadness out of nowhere. Slowly and yet sometimes suddenly I felt heavy, dark, like nothing. I didn't know why. There were times I would be ok for a few days, but more than likely not. Lately it has begun to get worse. It's affecting my relationship and home life, work. Some things trigger it, but mostly nothing. It just happens. I don't feel suicidal so that is a plus, but I think it's time I visit my doctor. My bf asked what there is to be depressed about. I have everything I need. Trying to explain to him it comes from nowhere and making him understand is tough. Suggestions?
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Depression is a sneaky illness. But it is possible to overcome it. I know it is not easy to do but don't let depression ruin your relationship and your job. Take action before that. You said it, it is time you visit your doctor. It might be hard for your surroundings to understand what you are depressed about. Because depression is an illness, not a mood. Depression is not a choice, it is a malfunction. You have made a good step by telling us your story, we are a lot of people here battling depression and lots of people who overcomed depression and we can all help you through this :)!

Thank you for understanding :) i'm going to donwhat it takes to get through it.

From what I understand of it, depression is a serious medical condition brought upon by a chemical imbalance in your brain. So many experience depression, for many reasons. In your case it sounds just like a chemical imbalance, especially since you can't seem to pinpoint a specific cause for every occasion. I think an appointment with a doctor is just what you need. Good luck

Thank you. Yea maybe he'll suggest therapy first. It could be anything from depression to problems not dealt with. Who knows. I just know it's getting worse

You mentioned it started as a sadness but you have also stated that you have everything so you need to think of what is it that gets you sad. Visiting a doc is a good idea but you still need to explain the details and if you are unsure, then it will be difficult for you to speak and even difficult for the doc to assess the situation.

It could be difficult to pin point on one thing as the reason for your sadness. So if that's the case, then you may look back and see what is it that actually made you smile and be happy and see if you can channel your energy in that direction..

Finding answers by introspecting is tough but I hope you are able to do it either by yourself or my seeking help.

All the best..

There isn't really any one thing in particular. It just happens like a set of bricks on my chest. I just feel heavy and down, more than sad. I can't explain it. It started like a sadness i guess you could say. At least that is what it felt like yrs ago. But different.

Not sure if you have any physical issues but maybe it could be a good idea to consult a doctor to see if there could be any hormonal changes or imbalance that could be causing this.

You would get several opinions here and it could be confusing. Better to do the right thing by consulting a specialist doctor.

All the very best ..