Since age four my life has been messed up. when I was four was when my biological father molested me. I can remember the first thing he did and what house we were in. It didn't stop until I hit eleven. I never new that it was wrong at the time cause I was young. It was when I turned eight that it hit me that some thing was off. He would always ask me not to tell mom that it was our little secret. When I tried to tell he would be there before I could he kept me and my twin on a tight rope. Mom and him never really got along well and when she met my step-dad she tossed him out. which was no easy feat cause he was physically abusive as well. I remember as a kid that he would throw stuff at mom or press her against the wall. My twin and I would hide under the bed or in the closet. When mom kicked him out we were required to see him every so often that's when mom began to realize some thing was up. We spent the whole summer with him and when went home mom new some thing was wrong. because of this I battle depression, anger, hate, and panic attacks.
Ghostartist Ghostartist
22-25, M
Sep 2, 2014