Lately, everything has kept getting worse. Some guy is threatening to leak some videos of me to ALL my Facebook friends. My stepsister has gone batshit insane and is tearing my entire family apart. My father is drinking more and more.

I sometimes wish I had never gotten clean to be honest. At least then I could deal with my problems.I just got clean at the end of January, and right now, a bit of tina would be great, but I can't. I have drug screens every week.

I have o clue what to do or how to deal with any of this. Especially the videos. If they get out, it's going to be so bad. I just need some help. I can't call law enforcement cause his IP is blocked. He has been stalking me on Facebook with an alias of some sort. He has links to all my friends' accounts. I already deactivated but I dunno what the **** else to do. Just someone talk to me or give me advice please, because I've honestly considered suicide.
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Don't consider suicide. Things'll be alright. I have faith in you :) Just weather the storm.

What are the vids about?

First, don't panic. You are young and no matter what happens, it will pass and things will get better. As far as the videos and your stalker, I would contact facebook and try to get him blocked. I don't know that a person can block their IP address. Is he telling you that or do you know for sure. You should be proud of yourself for getting/staying clean. Congratulations and keep up the good work. And good luck!

I can't find him on Facebook. We're not even friends on there. I have everything private including my friends list and he somehow saw them. And thank you

Just delete ur fb account and don't use ur name, just message ur friends sayin its yer new profile

We are like twins mama... I don't know why I got clean too. We can help each other out?

Sure enough. Message me anytime