I have battled depression all my life not feeling accepted not only by others but by my parents. It got really bad as I got older and had several car accidents and neck surgeries that didn't fix the problem. Then again when I lost my dad a little over four years ago. Now my husband of 27 years who does everything for me because of my disabilities had a massive stroke 4 weeks ago. He is doing better than me. We caught it quickly and it was reversed. He still cannot drive. On top of this stress my 21 year old daughter who's fiancé broke up with her about six months ago because she was so condescending
Took on a new bf 2 weeks after the break up. We all refused to meet him because we knew if was a rebound and we needed to get over the hurt of losing
A great guy my son considers still an older brother and we consider a son. We finally met the new guy. We were just starting to like him but have found out he got my daughter pregnant while her dad was in ICU in the hospital. My brother and his wife who adored the fiancé had not yet met him. He proceeded at a family get together for my moms birthday to walk in behind them as they arrived and followed them up the steps on the house your which he has seen plenty of times. He insisted in introducing himself instead of waiting to be introduced. My daughter for the first time ever is like a puppet with this guy and let's him call all the shots. Help!!!
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Have you tried to have a talk with your daughter and ask her how she feels in this realtionship? But other than introducing himself and make your daughter pregnant, what else has he done to make you think he treats your daughter like a puppet?