I Battle It Like It Was a Civil War

You know in your history class in college or high school, when they talk about battles from the time of the Revolutionary or Civil war how the field would be taken back over and over and over again till the next battle field  was won or the war had ended? That kind of how I see my battle, I keep taking the field and Depression keeps hitting back over and over again, now I know I have won a few little junks of land here and there but I am starting to feel like the south, and Sherman just burned down my mental Atalanta and I just don't want to give up I want to win so I will do whatever it takes to win

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You have a wonderful way with words I wish that I could describing my feeling about depression as well as you do. I to have been battling depression since I was a teenage, winning some battles, and losing other, and the war goes on. You’re a wonderful person my God bless you.<br />
Love Bobbie

For me, it has been a long struggle, and perhaps i am lucky but the journey has been a good one for me, taught me a lot about myself and made me a better person. Don't give up, don't ever give up.

Yes, well some of us dont have it in us. And that is congrats to you, it really is!

Well thank you, <br />
But it doesn't have to be. It comes from knowing just that what you said thats how you feel not how it is, you know? There is battle going on in you and whether or not your fighting now you always can fight it to not take what is happening to you. Your never useless really its how you see your self, and choose to see. I am not trying to put you down or be little your experience, <br />
I've been there just waiting for spider to come and end not struggling in the web. It took a lot to move from that point to where I am

It definitely must be nice to be you, and I want you to take that positively, not at all sarcastically. I dont remember, in my 30 years, when I thought this world could be mine. And sometimes i think, presently company excluded, that for some of us, there is no battle to be won. No one is battling, but ignoring, because something subconconscious in them knows that, at the end of the day, the world is too big to not include those that are useless.

i guesses its from being burned from falling that I want to rise up from the ashes and reclaim what is mine. Maybe its because i know what its like that I don't want to be there like that to really fight and not give up. <br />
i understand why people stop why the fall but I know that theres something bigger and better and its worth the fight!

I feel nothing like that. I admire you for your still standing mentality. I want to fall, be buried and ignored, but perhaps be interesting in excavation.

Wow, that is a great way of describing things. I feel like that about my depression too.