Since the Day I Was Born....

I have battled depression since the day I was born, or as far as my limited memory goes.  I desperately want to die, but that is far too boring for me.  I deperately love people, but their fullness and potential depresses me.  All I want is a relationship with someone who is too good for me, so I crumble under my own insignificance.   My lack of friends keep my disgusted with depression help sites that encourage me to go to ******* coffee with a friend and contact a loved one.  I want to wish everyone the worst, but unfortunately, I care about everyone but myself so dont even have this small comfort.  What is there left to do with such an empty, humanless soul?

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

I wish you the best, I only wish I had some profound words to help you, me and others out of this strong hold emotion. But I, too, send you hugs.