Go Ahead and Explore

Well, what you wrote is exactly how I'm feeling at age 42, that is not good, for me. But what keeps me from driving to I don't know where, is that, I don't want to give up my security. I have a job, my place, and my car. And I'm scared that I will be worse off than what I am. They say life is about taking chances, but I haven't gotten that brave yet. So in the meantime, I'll try to explore new hobbies and set small goals. In my opinion, I think while you are young, you should go for it. That is the best time to explore, then I think once you explored, you would have a better idea where you want to be.         You said that you feel like you are dying, it is your spirit that is dying which affects your body. So hopefully, soon you will do something ( that is legal of course ) that will lift you spirits to make you feel live again.  If at all possible, let me in on what you decide to do so that maybe my spirit will be lifted because you have been lifted.     Thanx

outmybox outmybox
41-45, M
Mar 12, 2009