Sometimes I Wish I Wasnt Alive

my parents left me. im in a foster home  and my foster family treats me like ****. i often feel like dying. nobody cares about me.i hate myself so much im just waitng for the day to die. hoping that it will come sooner than later

destinyh28 destinyh28
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

this is sad im sorry you are unhappy!

I am so sorry that you feel like you do.<br />
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I don't know how old you are, but you need to practice inner control of yourself. It's a practice that will help you control your surrondings.<br />
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I spoke some p.o.w.s that endured terrible conditions. In asking them how they endured they talked about the practice of inner control.<br />
<br />
IT STARTS WITH SMALL STEPS. The first step is realizing that you are important to yourself.