My Whole Family

My husband has depression he was a Vietnam Vet. We have been married now for twenty some year. Just the last year he started to take Med.

my son has had depession since able 2nd grade. We tried working with him. year 2001 we found out he got mantic depression and bi-polor II.

Last year I was told I have Fibromyliga and depression. Also low vision problems. so I take meds. too

my daughter was told she got depresion and bi-polor I she started taken med 6 months ago.

So living with all 4 nunder the same roof get interesting. my daughter is 15 so we got all that on top of what is all ready going on. Our son will be 20 soon so he will be getting his own place soon. He is also disabled. But thou it all we are a close net family that help each other out. People just got to realize we do things different then most. We teach are kids all the thing they need to do to take care of there self and survie if that are on there own we hope. We are not much of a people person, but we know that we can't close out people. We try to live a normal. Not let people know that are family has problems.

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tell me a family who has no problems and i will tell you they do.