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I always thougt i had depresssion but my mom never bleived me even though it ran through my family she thought it was just teenage feelings. But agian i was right. My counsler said i had depression and i should go to a doctor. So i went to my doctor, and she siad i deffinitaly have it, but since i cut to she thinks that i might have Border Line Personality. Which scares me becuase i am only 14, and I have dealt with **** in my life but to think i could have that frightens me,and im afriad to tell my friends taht cuz i think they will judge me. I am on pills but they just dont seem to help i guess basically im just saying this becuase im scared.
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I worked as a counselor with teenagers and everything I read said that it's very difficult to diagnose teens with things like borderline, etc. because they are still growing. The important thing is try not to get hung up on labels but try to find what works for YOU. Don't be afraid to speak up to doctors, counselors, etc. and tell them how you are feeling, if there are side effects from meds and so on. Again, some medications don't work or work differently on teens. Then again, different meds work differently on adults, too.<br />
Besides finding what works for you, make sure you have someone you can talk to! Friends are important, but a good adult counselor or other - someone who can listen.

try to hang in there and get therapy if you can.

My son came to live with me when he was 13 and I soon realized he was a cutter. I got him into counseling and they put him on Zoloft, he was diagnosed as OCD. That was about a year ago, today he is much more together and no longer cuts, which I am very glad of! It really scared the hell out of me as I know of one person who cut their forearm so deep I had to take them to emergency. <br />
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Don't listen to the nay sayers about depression meds being bad for you or diminishing your life. I've been on/off depression meds, and about to go back on again and they’ve only made my life better! For as much as I've tried to fight the depression on my own, I can't and meds are the only way for me and has only made my life better. <br />
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I think you're on the right track and GL