reading some of the other stories about this topic made me wonder if my story was even servere enough to be put on here... eversince i can remember i have had trouble fitting in and being accepted i'm sure others can relate to that aswell but it wasn't until i started high school that i really realised just how socially retarted i really was.. i spent a year trying to find a group of people that didn't mind my company and even then they didn't care enough to notice my absences from school or to invite me over on the weekends i prettymuch justkept to myself .. i guess i figured whats the point in trying to become closer to these girls when they will just end up getting sick of me and then who will i have left? so i started justnot showing up to school and about half a year later mum and dad found out and a whole lot of arguments occured and blah blah blah so this on night i overdosed on my sleeping pills which i had been given by the doctor, i had atleast three to four different kinds and none had made a difference to my sleep at all .. anyway i took 12-15 of the sleeping pills but i freaked out and toldmy brother and blah obviously i didn't die but well i still comitted suicide .. wow thats kind of scary when you put it that way hmm .. thats all

tashee tashee
Mar 18, 2009