So depression runs in my family. and i had a Fiance in the war and i got anxiety disorder from it. Then he came home throw me out and blow his brains out and since then ive been so depressed that even good days are sad days i cried three times today.

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Pppsssshhhhhhhhh. Jesus cannot fix everything about everyone. I'm agnostic, and I really doubt that Jesus is the way for everyone to go. <br />
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My advice would be to talk with someone (a trusted friend, a loved one, maybe even a doctor) about it. I have bipolar disorder that leans toward severe depression, and the thing that I have found that works is talking to peple or listening to uplifting music. Well, not necessarily uplifting, but something you like. Or try playing an instrument or drawing (or writing. Whichever you prefer) <br />
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I understand your grief too. I lost my teacher that way (He was in the war and came home and comitted suicide) I trusted him with a lot. <br />
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It takes a long time to get over, but you will come by help at some point :)