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March 25th, 2008

I've haven't felt so incomplete in a long time. I can't help Rock, and he's in the middle of so much hurt, and my New Year's resolution was to help everyone I can in pain. He doesn't want me to help, and it shoudln't be causing this much pain, but it is. I feel like I don't belong in the World if I can't do something to help.

You have many different types of friends. Some friedns are there to make you smile, and some are for telling secrets to. I don't have a best friend I can tell everything to. I have too many very deep secrets I can't tell anyone. I have a few that make me smile though, but life isn't okay when you don't have a friend to tell everything to. My life is becoming empty.

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Life’s has its ups and down and it’s awkward during your teen years. Learn to trust and believe in yourself. Friends will come and go. Keep an online journal or a blog it helps sometimes. Other will read and maybe relate to your stories. Never feel alone it’s a sad place to be. (((Hugs)))