Depressed to Impress- a Lifestyle Taking Affect Everywhere

There is something I would like to mention. There are so many people out there who are truley battling this illness. I'm sure all of you in this group are. You all help eachother out and seek help yourselves, or maybe some of you just want to connect with others like yourself. I, myself, am battling depression. It's truley awful to have. You can hardly ever feel happy about anything, and you constantly feel stressed, anxious, and almost dead. I'm still in school, and I have another very close friend who also has depression, who even sees a phycologist. I have to see the counsler weekly. I also have this other friend. She's a very good friend to me, and I hate to put her down like this. But she's not depressed. She dressed "emo," and cuts herself. She hasn't had any drastic changes in her life. She actually has a pretty good life. In the previous year of school, she dressed happily in bright colors and had a much more positive attitude. People told her though that she looked "too happy". Apparently, I guess it's not "cool" to be happy or normal anymore. Thus, she acts depressed now when I can see she's really quite happy. I can see alot of kids doing this. I almost feel insulted, and I'm sure it is insulting for those who truly have depression. So, I guess this is a new form of "cool:" depressed to impress. If you are depressed, you get all the friends, all the attention, people calling you hot, and so on. I see it daily in my school. Now, I know I could be very wrong.... but this is only my interpretation. Simply, it's cool to be depressed. I don't get it. It's truley awful for those who have it. It's almost insulting! But I don't know. I could be wrong. But this does seem to be a growing lifestyle.

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I do know, believe me. But there are still alot who do it for attention, you are right about that.

I think it's more for the attention than anything. I admit to being a girl who used to cut in high school. Deep down it really was for someone to notice me. If only that was as deep as my depression went. I see the phase you're talking about and had a minor experience with it. Kids do grow out of it. If only the people who were truly suffering were so lucky as to "grow out" of some phase. Just know there are some kids out there who may be truly suffering and covering it up with surface wounds

Yes, I am mostly talking about school life. It's not as common with older adults. But it still exists.

You're completely right. All it really is is just idiotic cliques. High school pissed me off so much for that very reason, maybe that's why I didn't have any friends... :)<br />
College/life after high school is different. Nobody really does that anymore once the leave the confines of grades 9-12, they (usually) will grow up and out of it.<br />
I'm sorry if I assumed wrong about your observations being on high school or not, it just seems like that's where something so immature would take place.