Ive Started to Think...

about giving up...just letting my emotions swallow me up. Its got to the point where ive forgotten why i feel this way. Most people would feel better by now..why should i feel any different. But its too hard.

looshi looshi
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Giving up is what always comes to mind for me as well. I've been like this for what seems like ages and as soon as I think things might get better I sink right back in. Why is it so hard? I constantly think of ways of being free and just disappearing or... you know... but I'm always called back... Maybe we both sit in this state because deep down we know there is something more... We just don't know how to get there.

Hey, I know how you feel, you think you've hit bottom and then the floor falls out from under you. It's so easy to focus on everything that's bad in life... Sometimes it seems that bad is all you can see. I've spent years in depression and at one point it almost became a warm blanket I could hide in... When I was depressed it was stable. You can fall into depression, but you have to fight your way out. Have you tried medication or counselling? I did both and the medication really helped me even out my emotions, I don't have panic attacks like I used to. Sometimes I get depressed but I can get up out of it a little quicker. I hope that something I said helps you, you can get out of this but it's going to take time. Don't be afraid to seek help, maybe you can do it alone but with help you can recover faster and better.<br />
Take Care and keep writing here on EP, there's some great support here.