Ready to Explode

I had today my first appointment with a psychologist and it turns out that it was an evaluation and that I have to wait until april 24 for my next appointment! What  proof they need, finding me hanging from a tree or dead from an overdose to say yikes that guy needed help. I am loosing my patience how people can live with this anxiety for years I ve had it for only a few weeks and is driving me mad.

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I am glad that you are still here as I would really miss my friend.

Thank you for the comments. Actually I am taking medications and I'll have my first therapy session on Friday. I hope that I will be able to handle it better


Have you tried talking to other people about this? Family? Friends? People on here? I'm here if you want to talk

get a jounal get a punching bag get whatever but leave the shinks alone

Yeah, I strongly recommend that you call them and tell them you need help. Tell them you have been having thoughts about self-harm and it's getting worse. Don't say too much but if you tell them you're thinking more about self-harm than they will see you just to avoid being liable for the chance that you'll do something. Take care my friend and don't give up... keep working it and you will be well. :)

yikes, that is so frustrating! make sure you make a bunch of weekly/regular appointments now before your next one. I always found that "overschedule" a bunch of appts and cancel whatever you don't need in the future. Also consider asking to be on a cancellation list and/or for appt to be moved up. If the receptionist is nice or you are pleasantly persistant you might get moved up! Best of luck and a ton of empathy.

atleast Least you had it in you to actually go forth and call them... unlike me... for that, i commend you. I am sure that when April comes they will Go forth with helping you. you probubly want to hurry up and get it over with and i would too i dont blame you.