A Paralyzed Sleepingbeauty (more of My Situation)

I'm afraid to sleep now. I'm afraid because it's all I can focus on. I sleep for long periods and I can't wake up no matter how determined I am before I fall asleep. Three days in a row I've experienced sleep paralysis. I scream and twist and turn and I can't wake up. It goes on for hours more than once a day. I fall asleep late at night then I wake up but I'm still so tired. I fall back asleep then I wake up. Only, I'm not awake, not fully. I can't get out of bed and I can't make a noise. I have hallucinations and vivid dreams that confuse me. Finally I wake up fully only to find that I am still so tired. I can't help but fall back to sleep and the cycle begins all over again. I did that this morning from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm after having slept since midnight. That's fifteen hours! And it's been that way for almost two weeks. It's ruining me. Sleep is ruining me. I cry when I remember that awful feeling of being trapped. I refuse to sleep now out of fear of it happening again. I'll do anything to stop from experiencing that again. Why am I always so tired? I've already written one experience not too long ago but this is the real reason I need help. I can't tell anyone. I hate that face they give. That "poor thing" expression.

-SleepingBeautyin Nightmares

SleepingBeautyinNightmares SleepingBeautyinNightmares
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I have experienced sleep paralysis a few times before and they were the most fearful/freaky sleep and waking experiences of my life and in one of those I experienced the phenomenon known as 'shadow people'. I think that if you are coming in contact with spirits of this nature, you should not give in to fear but maybe get angry and get a sense that that is your space and your mind and that you will not be pushed down or paralyzed by them. Break the paralysis barrier, break it hard, without fear if it happens again. You should not have to feel that way in your own space in your own bed and mind. It really does seem to me that sleep paralysis is a spiritual thing and meds or anything like that will likely not help but may make it worse. It is possible that mental drugs change your vibrational frequency and make people more susceptible to attacks from lower entities. Something odd may be going on with your consciousness while sleeping, and it may not be your doing or at least not a completely your doing. Just remember, don't fear! Maybe try to have anger (or something like it) without fear and use that to create a strong will to break the paralysis. You have the power to do this! Maybe think of something positive that gives you a strong, yet peaceful feeling. Just know, with no doubt that you are stronger than whatever is causing it and take back your dreams.

i thought i was the only one that slept and dreamed like that. it can get extremely scary at times. sometimes i find it hard to tell the difference between awake and dreaming. especialy when the paralysis seems to be forever persistant. night after night. i dont think any of this will help but im right there with you.

I've been there before... I didnt even eat... to think about it i dont even remember peeing... <br />
It will get better in time, and you have to want to get better... Life is what you make it but it can be great you have to look for it.<br />
And your worth it! YOU ARE... !

Your not alone SBIN. I was experiencing days of sleepiness also without realizing I needed an extra push to help me. Go seek help. There are professionals that won't judge. I'm afarid if you don't this cycle will not end.