Yes, I know I'm young, I've had many people harass me about how I'm too young to be depressed or unhappy. I'm pretty sure age shouldn't matter, if you're upset you're upset. You can't help it. I'm tired of people just bitching me out because I'm not 'old enough to be upset about stuff'. How immature is that? I've battled enough crap to make me unhappy. Only now am I starting to feel a little on the light side because I'm starting to have a life. But before.. I hated everything, I hated my dad for abandoning me before I was born because he wanted nothing to do with me then he started another family. I hated my step dad and mom for being so mean all the time and sometimes abusing me and I didn't understand why. I hated my mom for being an insane alcoholic, she said it made her feel better but she ended up doing stuff she regretted when she was drunk like trying to force me to do things I really didn't want to do. I hated going to school every single day of my life because kids would always pick on me, make fun of me or sometimes even physically hurt me for no damn reason. My so called few friends would backstab me all the time or steal from me. My step dad and mom broke up and my mom promised me it would just be me and her for awhile, no one else. The next day she ended up with another man and he never left. He always picks on me and makes fun of me and even made me insecure for the longest time. So did a couple of my ex boyfriends. One even purposely made me super jealous because they thought it was cute. How is being insecure and jealous cute!? When I moved away with my mom and her boyfriend no one had faith that I would finish my highschool, they all thought I'd be a drop out. I had to take a couple extra years of school but I finished it just to prove them wrong. Why is life so darn frustrating? I don't understand..
Vainemion Vainemion
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2007