Depression Conquers All

i have lost this battle. i shall quote the movie donny darko saying that all living things die alone. i know believe this to be true. If i could start again, i would.
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Here is a link to a Free Personal Development Audio Book - I hope you can gain something from it :-)

I don't know how Donnie Darko is but I agree with Outlaw Lineman about the spiritual part of life (which I've been away from) <br />
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good night for now...<br />
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I've felt depressed since I started graduate school. Never been depressed before even when tragedy struck. But now, I feel hopeless and alone. I know there's hope to be had though. And I'm not giving up. And regarding the OP's post, Donnie Darko is an excellent movie but remember it's science fiction. Don't take what they say to heart. Don't give up.

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You haven't lost the battle, don't give up! If you were truly lost you wouldn't be here sharing with us. I'm wondering if you have identified the source of your depression. That is a big step; while I haven't yet learned how to deal with it (I started seeing a therapist) I feel I know where my depression comes from. <br />
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Try to crawl out of your hole and put on your intellectual hat and figure out why you feel so bad. If you can do this, it will be a start and a step in the right direction.<br />
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Please don't give up!

You may feel alone right now...but noone dies alone. Someboby will miss you...The good Lord looks after us all so you are never truly alone

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My name is Monique. I am 50. I have battled depression off and on thoughout my life and I am happy to say, I am holding fast. I wish I could spike the ball in the end zone and do my happy dance, but alas I can't. I can say that after twenty years of counseling and careful medication adjustment, I am able to function and work each day. . . and experience the ups and downs that everyone has in life.<br />
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Depression is a disease, a disease I feel, that must be learned. You must study it and understand it as part of living with it. I understand that there are times when it so heavy and oppressive that it is almost to much to bear. I have been in some dark black perionds where I could not even look up. <br />
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Emotions are a rich part of life. Sadness and joy must go together. You can't have one without the other. But depression is different. It is a chronic sadness that weighs you down and causes you to withdraw. Few people understand depression, so it hard to find people to support you. "Snap out of it," they say. But it is not that simple.<br />
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Losthope, please write me, and I will just listen and offer help if you want. I feel I need to help others from my life's struggle with this dreaded disease. But I believe there are blessings on the other side..<br />
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I get this, I feel like. Life is life, it's here, it's something to experience, but so far most of my experiences haven't done much to encourage me to care what happens either, and the ones that have, were like a flash in the pan. Oh well.

Damn , that picture you have is perfect for how you feel with this crap. You need to change it. This is the most popular group on this website ?? At least we can all stop feeling so lonely. It's a lie you tell yourself you are alone, you have to see being alone as a passing thing. Whatever is going on with you , you can figure it out and over come it . I did. Many people die in the arms of someone they love or someone who cares for them too.

I believe depression is something that is washed upon me. Like a wave. Mine comes from outside stresses. My life, changes in it and not keeping busy with purpose or meaning. The more I think,with idle time, the more i focus on the negative and depression walks in my life. Being in control is something I need and depression is truely an out of control experience.<br />
I appose medication in all cases, although i have worked with Chronic Mental illness and know it can help. I also know it is a guessing game as to which medication or combination works for you. The side affects can be hard to deal with and some medications can bite your butt. Making a bad situation worse.I've experience depression in my past and always is accompanied by a loss. This time I lost my self.<br />
I think M.D. hand anti depressants out like candy with little training in this field. Going only on Patients symptoms as guide. A dangerous thing when the drug your given affects your brain, and symptoms can mimic other diseases. Hyper, and Hypo thyroid for example.<br />
I've had depression when times are hard. Things come out of left field. Each episode frightens me, not knowing if this will be the one that sinks me into the abyss of helplessness. I won't crawl out. <br />
Part of my problem is having no one to talk too. I feel isolated, lonely and worthless most of the time. I don't see a light at this tunnels end, and I'm not suicidal because I fear after life and the unknowing more than tomorrow, as I speak today.<br />
I feel lost, and with age comes a new reality that time is not on my side.<br />
My choices in changing my situation brings more stress. So I sit and I wait for tomorrow to come in the hopes a new day will bring difference.

donny darko is he that fat little midget playing pengine on batman returns the movie?

I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but please concider this, when ever you think no one cares, think again! for some one does and his name is jesus, he is always there please try talking to him, he is waiting for you to come and tell him why you are hurting so.... god bless.... a stranger who cares....