Will I Ever Get Over This?

Long story short Mom and Dad met, hooked up and got pregnant. Which made them decide to get married. Well 6 mos later dad split. Don't remeber much about times with my mom except for the police being called alot!! On my 6th birthday she said she was going shopping dropped me off at my grandparents and never came back. Always blamed myself for that. Still do in a way. Met her about 9 years ago and dad 3yrs ago but neither make an effort to see me. It's always me calling them and I'm sick of it. All I want is a mom and dad. Is that to much to ask? What do I do? Can't let this ruin my life and right now it is...

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5 Responses Apr 28, 2009

I'm glad your parents bailed on you and left you with grandparents who have brought you up well. I don't think living with such unstable characters would have been good for any child.<br />
You have been betrayed by the two people in the world we should always be able to trust! I understand your need to mend ties but, I don't think they deserve a wonderful daughter as you. <br />
We can't make others a part of our lives, they have to choose to be. Leave the door open for your parents but let them take the steps to the door.<br />
Stay strong in yourself!

sorry to hear that, but i agree w. forgottenmale, the grass looks greener. i know a lot of ppl who have a mom and dad but wish they were in your shoes. parents arent always a match in heaven and if they're not trying to reach out to you, thats their loss. by now you've grown into a woman and dont need them anymore. at least you know to be a good mom to your kids someday

Sounds like my relationship with my father after I went to college. All I can really say is the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

man, that can't be easy. So sorry you don't have the two best friends you should have. They should want to love you, even if they don't love eachother, but it would seem they have problems. If only they could see what they're missing out on. Sorry you got no role models, but let that teach you that you want to be a good role model, a good mom, if you so choose to be, when it's time. The trials we overcome in this life will be rewarded in the next. Good luck, talk to me if you need any help or adivce, even though im lucky and have no clue what that'd be like.

me too