The Darkest Place

I was reading a experience by xn728 and in one of his comments he talked about darkness. I wrote this thinking about the darkness in which we are or have been in our battle with depression.

Dark place indeed.  We get so use to it that if our eyes are exposed to light it blind us and we seek refuge back in the darkness we know so well. 

Are we ever going to leave it? We don't want to feel the light hurting our eyes even when it is only for a moment and if we endure it and venture out we lose our bearing easily.

This place of light is so alien to us we feel naked everyone see that there is good in us and we don't want that because we don't want to see it in ourselves either.

We look back and the abyss beckons us with its numbness and with the darkness we used to cloak ourselves to feel safe.

We jump back in it because is the only reality we know and we feel comfortable in it even when it only brings us pain and despair. 

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2 Responses May 17, 2009

First of all thank you for your comment. That is a place we don't like to be but for some there is<br />
No escape. I am able to be out of there most of the time but it is always there waiting for<br />
The first sign of wakness to grab me back. I am glad you are out of there and I wish you never <br />
Get back to the darkness.

Wow, I can remember being and living in a place of darkness. I completely relate. Ultimately, I am glad to get more light than darkness. In the light I was able to grow.