I Have Depression and Bipolar.

I battled with depression with bipolar.

And it is hard alot of times.

I stay in the house .

And stay in bed.

I can not work.

My brain stops. Then it can not hear the boss talk to me. It just stops and it is a terrible feeling. So I quit.

I am trying to be a writer and take pictures.

But I no what it is like to have depression.

So the people out there that have depression you are not alone. There is so many people have it.

When I grow up I thought I was alone . Now I no I am not.

Good luck to all of you that have depression.


lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2007

I think the depression goes with the artistic personality, it is the price we pay for being creative. I like to write paint and do photograpy too this is why it is good to meet others who feel the same.