Why Me

I am a Young talented and extremely creative person, I have a gift of seeing things and a creative mind that is not of this earth, I have a successful business, lovely home, car , man in my life you name it i have it........3 months ago i don't even know how it started or why or what caused it , but i seem to have fallen off the planet!

Anyone who knows me would never ever suspect that I was depressed i am always so positive and such a workaholic. Well lately I cant stop crying i get these panic attacks and I feel as if i cant cope i wont make it ......sometime not even through the night nor the day. I cant get out of bed some days and it even gets so bad that i just don't know why I am here.

What to happen to all of us, maybe I have been pushing myself so hard , doing so much for everyone and my system just said enough it cant do it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really don't know but all i know is I want the old me back. I look in the mirror and I see someone else , i cant find things funny and even my loving partner just irritates me and I who is normally so caring and passionate just cant be bothered to even kiss him.

I am very intuitive and have this hectic gift, maybe i am meant to pursue it to live it and do it , why am I so afraid what happened to all of us .........................we lost ourselves and we are allowing this to control us...... SO I begin my journey today I am going to do whatever I can when i feel up to it that is to fight this and to find a cure for all of us!!!!

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1 Response Jun 24, 2009

I got diagnosed not that long ago with a very bad case of depression from my physciatrist. You should really check into something like that before it gets way worst trust me. It will tear you and your family apart slowly.