Back On

I'm back on my meds.

i broke down. cried to my mom.

how humiliating.

she gave me the money to get my pills.

i feel better now. i can handle it when medicated.

damn. i hate that crutch.

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6 Responses Jul 6, 2009

I know what you mean with the *******. Mine takes very long, but fortunately my wife loves it and she help me with it....<br />
The crutch holds me on my feet.

the pills really do help. i know they do. and yes, i am able to have a somewhat "normal" day --- but my ******* just don't happen, and i'm not my usual horny self. :( i miss that.

I would rather take pills then be depressed all the time!

i envy you... i miss a little normality in my life

the crutch helps, it sucks, but its better then the darkness that comes when the crutch is gone.

It's better a crutch than falling down completely.