I Battle Depression

I have had RSD for coming up on 5 yrs. I have a morphine pump for the last I 1 yr or so but I am still trying to get the dosage right.  The RSD is in my left knee, leg, hip, back and ribs. I have attempted suicide and have been in a psych hospital for a few months 2 Xmas's ago.  I am taking antidepression and antianxiety meds for pts.  I have been isolated since my injury as "work friends" instantly disappeared.  I can not physically trIvel without immense pain due to hypersensitivity of my left leg, esp knee.  I am now isolated to my bed and barely even speak to my husband, who is also injured with a tripple disk fusion which was not successful. I feel very guilty about my injury as I was caring for my husband (and working) and now he has to care for me.  I am on crutches and my knee is stuck on a 30% angle requiring constant support.

I am lonely and wish I had a friend who understood and I dont feel I am burdening with my problems.

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3 Responses Jul 20, 2009

hi,your story sounds so familiar, five years ago this aug i was in a road traffic accident in which my boyfriend was killed,i had severe injuries to my legs and back, as a result i was bed bound for a year and had to use a wheelchair for three years.I was on many tablets for depression and anxiety{of which none worked and i feel only prolonged the process}During the first year of my recovery my beloved mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer which was utterly devastating and she died exactly a year later.as you can imagine this completely tore my family apart,we have completely gone in seperate directions.They have no idea whats going on with me dont think they really want to either.I stay in my room and keep to myself,as you well know friends disappear very quick.One thing though be very careful,those tabs your on are serious addictive,dont get stuck in the rut i did.

I take care of my boyfriend who is recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury and has severe nerve damage and all sorts of back (disc) damage. He is not so lucky, he has no pain meds at all. You will not be burdening your friends here at EP! Most of us are nice, all of us have problems we share together. My BF is considering spinal surgery. I am scared for him, but I never think of taking care of him as a burden. It is a choice I made, falling in love with him, and for me, that includes debilitating injuries!

im sorry to hear about this. i suffer from bouts of depression and understand how you feel. wish i could help you but i dont know how. but just to let you know im here to listen to you if thats what you want :-) take care XXX