Worlds of Sleep: Part 2

awakened once again in a stange place. this time i am in a large, dark, and cold room. the only objects are the bed and a stainless steel desk with chair. the only light to see my way is the light from the window. i walk over and pull the curtains down in a somewhat frantic manner. there dosnt seem to be any color outside. just strange shadows with lots of dust.

i make my way around the room and notice a door in the far corner. the door is also made of steel but with no handle or other mechanism to open it. by now im am really starting to panic. i start yelling in hopes that someone would hear me. of course noone does.

pacing around the room i feel a draft ever so slightly on the back of my neck. i look up and there is an air conditioning vent. it appears to be big enough to crawl through. i pull the desk directly underneath and place the chair on top. i climb up, open the ventand pull myself up inside. i crawl over to the next vent and drop into a hallway. the hallway is long with many doors that are all like the one i was stuck behind. behind me is a dead end.

as i walk down the long corridor i start to get a wiff of a very putrid stench. it smells like death mixed with burnt gun powder. i finally reach the end andcome to an opening with very tall columns that reach up to hold a huge glass dome. to the left and right are more doors. one door is slightly cracked with red smokey light shining through. i peak in and see what is the cause of the bad odor. lieing on the floor is a lifeless body with huge chunks ripped out and face ripped off. be continued

biiggiig biiggiig
31-35, M
Jul 26, 2009