NO Hope

I am so fed up of being weak and have to rely on someone to always be there( boyfriends especially) in my life. I'm afraid to be alone. I have so many debts, thinking about it sometimes makes me wanna kill myself, thinking what have i to live for, there is no way i can repay this. I am so desperate, frustrated, dissapointed with myself. I feel like i'm in a big hole where there is no way for me to climb out. I just need someone to listen to me without judging me.

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1 Response Aug 18, 2009

It is horrifying to be alone, I however was not given a choice. My husband cheated on me...but then he tried to come back a month later, and I said no...because I realized I didn't know who I was without him. I didn't know what in dependency truly was until I was forced to be independent, then after i was for only a short while, I loved it. I learned so much, things that you can never learn until you're on your own for awhile. It's a little scary, but you can make it =)!