Learning to Deal With Depression.

I'm getting better, slowly but it is at least progress. I don't know when the depression started, but I do know that about 20 years ago it became a major factor in my life. Since I'm doing pretty good now, It is easier to look back and see the the damage done to my life. I'm now picking up the peices that can be salvaged and trying to start over. Sometimes I think to myself that it's too late, why bother? When doctors told me that I had "3 to 5" years to live I actualy was happy, I'm not done yet, too many things to do before I go. I'm not sure how to get those things done in such a short time, But I'm pretty good under pressure.

I do wish that I had someone to come along with me, But I'll go it alone if need be, I've always managed on my own in the past. But having some one there is kind of like "Anti- Depression" insurance. I refuse to let it destroy another relationship.

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There is no physical remedy against depression.

There is only you're hearth and mind who can conquer the cloud of darkness.

Our greatest enemy is ourself, we all have to fight some day. Search of the light, and one day you will be victorious in defeating depression.

There is no retreat, only steps forward!

Yers, I agree. What doctors told you that you had 3 - 5 years to live and ba<x>sed on what? I've had depression for 50 years and I have no end in sight, I've beaten the suididal thoughts and know how to deal with them so why the 3 - 5 years. You must have some other illness as depression never kills you. You may do so but the illness doesn't.

what do you mean about 3-5 years to live?<br />
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i guess knowing you have a short lifespan will make you think that your time will be a lot more precious.<br />
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Well the best part is that you know you still have things to do before you go, its great that you found a purpose!

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