Depression Really Sucks

I have been suffering from Depression for the last nine months. I have been through several Dr.s and medications to last me a lifetime. I am still having problems dealing with all the things that come with depression. I am far from cured. I don't understand why I feel the way I do. Some days I am perfectly fine and the next is a disaster. I did attempt to kill myself and landed in a mental hospital for several days. I still think about it but can't cross that line again. I try to go day by day with a positive outlook and hope for the best.
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Keep doing what you're doing. Open up; branch out. Be spontaneous and bold. I've ran through medication like clockwork for years. It depends on your biological or genetic make up how you respond to meds; not whether or not some doctor, who has never even taken what they prescribe, can provide a "cure." Time, that's the best medicine. Take care.

I had suffered from depression for nearly 30 years now and managing it is all that I can do now. Just keep trying and this difficult stage will pass. I know that it is hard to see it now but there is no magic cure all. Sometimes you have to just keep trying different combos of medications and doctors. Try working out. Starting a new hobby. Going out to the movies, libarary, fast food joints, mall parks by yourself and writing in a journal about how you feel. Call up a friend and just hang out with them doing nothing but laughing. Depression is hard to deal with but dealing with it is better than giving up. The world would be a sad place without you gvodvarka in it. Your family and friends will miss you. Here if you need to talk.

I agree. My wife took me everywhere with her. She kept me active. Support from friends and family is the most important thing. Your not damaged goods. Don't be afraid to let people know whats going on with you. I know its hard to tell someone how you feel because you don't even know. People do get better. I have been off any regular meds for several years now. Don't like any of the side effects. I will be retiring in a few years and will have to find things to keep me busy. Gary

I hope you are able to find a hobby to keep your mind off things. The side effects from the medications they give your are rough. I was on prozac and i thought I was becoming a new person. It was hard took me two months to decide enough was enought and went off cold turkey. My doctor went crazy when I stopped my zoloft this time. I just stop taking them they made me want to commit sucide. So, I'm dealing a little each day. Wishing you well and better days.

Some times it's not about keeping your mind off things. That leads to repression, and repression resurfaces. Some times it's about facing Goliath square in the eyes and knocking him down.

P.S. I had the EXACT same problem with prozac and it took me three months to quit.

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Its been six years since I had clinical depression. I have not taken any medication for about four years. I feel good about life. I have great family support. I discovered that lack of sleep played a big part in my depression. I had other health issues that cause me to not sleep very well. Since addressing it and am sleeping good now. The other thing is that I have run my own electronics business for thirty six years now and have went thru many changes due to the changes in technology. I have been forced to do a lot of things that I didn't want to do. This change came with a lot of anxiety. I will be 62 this year and have learned its time to go with the flow. Enjoy what I have. Gary

U are not alone, welcome to the club. I have depression for 10 years now an I am far from cured my doctor says never. But my good pill keeps me going. Also took a long time fair bit of trial and errors to find the right one and the right doze. Now most of the time I am balanced. But not cured.

try making noted when u r feeling good of happy, and if your not to tired do the same when u r despressed! what makes u feel low? is it ur work, life, partner. you will probablly find out that it is having negitive thoughts that make u feel depressed, try and be around possitive people and thnk nicer thoughts, I know its hard but with the right support you can win this battle. when u get a bad thought let it go, replace it with a good one.<br />
good luck.

When you talked about how one day you're perfectly fine, and the next you can barely function, that really hit home for me. I don't think anyone who doesn't suffer like us, and really understand. The fact that they try to, ****** me off. Thanks for sharing, and as MysticWriter says, you're not alone.

You are SO not alone. Even when I'm in the deepest, darkest, coldest state of depression where nothing can reach me, it still makes a difference knowing I'm not alone. I hope it makes some kind of one for you, too. One thing you should DEFINITELY know: depression does NOT last forever. We cycle in. We cycle out. It's part of the passing parade. We have to learn how to let it pass and stay alive. I know this from experience and it's the only thing that keeps me from killing myself....cuz I know that it will pass. Even if I don't believe it, I can't deny the TRUTH. **sending love**