Is There Anyone Who Can Talk to Me For a Few Minutes?

I am feeling bad and want to cut myself right now - is there anyone who can talk to me? I'm trying to resist and I'm having a hard time finding anyone to talk to...

Asrielle Asrielle
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Hi dont be depressed god is there for everything hope u find peace ....


Use dude


Ya talk to me, i'll help you out my actually name is arielle

I used to cut when I was high school and its addictive like anything else, sooner or later u need something bigger, better, sharper. When I finally found my light I couldn't believe the damage I've done. Dealing with crap the world dishes out is one thing, but when u do it to yourself it's even worse. No matter what they say u are all u can really depend on, so u become worse then those monsters by picking on yourself

Please don't. Please talk with me

how u fight??? its really hurts...there are no one with whom I can share my feelings...nobody will understand me..

im having trouble with the chat bar

i will tlak to you i battle depression myself

anybody online to talk with me??

Hi... sometime I feel the same way...

i want to do the same thing all the time usually about how ugly i am my name is joshua bryant

I feel the same way, just wish someone would be my Salvationist just feel so unloved alone and lost my faith in everything.

Hi Give ur Skype Id Mine is an99702

I'm here! How am I going to get in touch with you?

hi i know how you fell but some times hurting our self docent solve our problems it jous makes us weaker and make us think that no one cares so we have ti fight against it that we are in control of all self bit depression if you need some one 2 tack our wan any advised i be here :)

i just wanted to tell u your lucky im 13 and ive been cutting sense i was 10 and was afraid if anyone found out they would take it away im also proud for u that u ad the stregnth to tell some one cause if i did everyone would blow and the truth is they cant handle it not my beutful image of being a nerd a story is my freinds call me emo jkingly i woder if they new but then i would have to live with it until i am 18 so i cant just wanted to say wow your brave im srry but this probly isnt very helpgful

Wow, thank you :)<br />
And I can't believe I forgot to mention writing. Make sure you copy paste what cynical1 said, also. I used to put my bad feelings and thoughts on paper, and it really halped me. As c1 said it surgically removes the pain. But after reading all those things years later, I would feel so sorry for myself and the pain I have written down would come back. So if you use writing, make sure you also write some good and positive things from time to time. Reading them after some time would always make you feel better and remember those good feelings :)

Asrielle, Don't give up on yourself. AS many have already said. Cutting is a way that you are expressing your emotions. But its not the best way that you can do it as it'll also cause more problems for you. ie guilt! You'll no doubt feel bad about what you've done to yourself nad not want other people to see the results.<br />
Cynical1 has said a very good suggestion. Expressing yourself in words is one method of getting it out. It doesn't have to make any sense. But it'll relieve the pressure.<br />
<br />
I know what you are going through, as I've a couple of friends that I'm helping with their cutting.<br />
<br />
What you need are people that you can trust to be around you and help you out when you are feeling at your lowest.<br />
<br />
Be Brave!

I've been down the ugly "release" road you are on. I have been to professionals and completed their programs. Self harm as you say is indeed a quick release or rechanneling of pain, and as you also said is a quick fix and temporary. Some of Twisted Fruits ideas are good. My idea when battling this ugly habit (and I say ugly because mine was) I found comfort in writting. Alhtough no one ever wrote back the transferance of pain to paper "and there it shall stay" was a great milestone for me. Be kind to yourself and buy yourself a really thick hard cover thesaurus (Roget's are very nice - and dont use MS Words thesaurus - its pretty grammar school and your feelings are way beyond that). Use this to express more accurately than any cut ever could what you really feel. Cuts blur and obscur pain. Writting surgically removes it. Some words are sharper than any blade, use them instead of the blade. May your scars heal and fade so people can see the new beautiful you. The "you" you want them to see.

TwistedFruit: Your answer is really unique! I'm going to copy and paste that into a Word document so that I can go back and read it when I need to - those are really great ideas and I have never heard some of them before. Thanks!<br />
<br />
Roz11: I'm so sorry that you have felt similar, I wouldn't wish it on anyone :( If you ever do feel that way again, message me - make sure you don't get on a self-destructive path. Trust me, hurting yourself may bring temporary relief, but it only leads to more pain in the end...I know what it's like to feel the need to punish yourself, too, but no matter how much you punish yourself, it never seems like enough. I have had this problem for 7 years, have seen counselors and completed a program and everything, and I still struggle...I sincerely hope that you don't ever hurt yourself again. I'm glad that you never got too deep into it. Thanks for your advice and your help :)<br />
<br />
Take care!

I experienced very similar emotions during the last months of my previous relationship. I felt powerless, tied up, unloved (if the word really exists) and there was something hurting so so much that I needed to feel a physical pain so I could stop feeling it. I did hit myself hard on the face several times. It's just so bad when on top of these unbearable feelings you still feel you deserve to be punished. If I felt the same again I don't know what I would do. But there was good advice here: get away from sharp stuff for starters and learn to cannalise the pain so you can express it by other means. In the urge of the moment, though I can only think of something physical: running until you are breathless, or cycle, something that leaves you exhausted and also liberated this energy. I hope you will leave this behind soon.

I'm in a toootaly different time zone from you, so this may come a little late, but here's my two cents. <br />
I don't know what you use to cut yourself with, but if it's a knife try to do some other things with it, like cut some vegetables and meat or whatever food and cook yourself a nice meal :) If it's scissors, try cutting some old clothes and saw yourself something new out of it, maybe a doll or even a new piece of clothing for yourself. A razor? Well, don't know about this one, but just put it away...<br />
Some people mentioned here to turn your urge into something positive. Why don't you put away all sharp blades that are around you, and surround yourself with paints and colors, maybe some canvas, or whatever works for you, and paint your pain? Some of the best artists in the world were completelly miserable with their lives and were painting their pain that produced some of the world's most wonderful masterpieces. Or try learning how to play an instrument, and then play your pain away in the music. You could be surprised how much positive energy can be created when you put you pain in use other than hurting yourself. <br />
Hope this helped a little :)

Thank you for praying for me, that means a lot :)

Life is not always great but its not always bad an these people that love you we are all hear for one reason or another. It probably wont mean much but I'll pray for you.

Asrielle, talk to me.

asrielle, don,t get upset, some people are cruel in their opinion, don,t mind them, they can,t understand you, because they're not experiencing what you are going through right now or they don't have a heart. to hell with them! "common" say it to them. well, lady, what is it that 's bothering you? share it, and you will feel better.

There are always people here for you. We can't be here all the time, but write us and we will get back.

thank you 69venus, it always encourages me to hear from kind and supportive people :) it's nice to know that people care, even though they dont know me - gives me faith in the human race - it shouldnt bother me as much as it does, to hear words that hurt my feelings, even though those words are way outweighed by words of encouragement. thanks for being one of the nice ones :)

Is it possible for you to think positive thoughts. Think of times in your life when you are happy. Play some relaxing New Age Music and know that u can type away your feelings on here. Meditate always helps me with evil thoughts. Even if people may not always be supportive, know that there are still people who want to hear you out.

Ok, I think i changed it i hope lol.<br />
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Your not alone that way you feel, I know the feeling i self harm and i started when i was 10 years old.<br />
I could not cope with things even at that young age, I am now trying my best to stop, People are right one day i will end up killing my self, I wish for a better life, I dont know if it will ever come but its a wish i have, Its very hard to bring your self up when your so low but alot of people really do care and i know what it feel like to think they dont but they do, So plz dont do anything to hurt your self.......I care!!

xbrokenxangelx: I am not sure, I have only belonged to this site for a few days...I know there's a "settings" section, though, so maybe it's there?

Ok sorry how do I change them? :(

JoeDeGhetto, you are right in what you say. And I don not deny your good intentions at all!!<br />
When I'm very depressed, nothing can bring a 180 degree turn, only careful adjustment helps.<br />
Someone saying to me that "I should grow up" isn't going to help at all. On the contrary you're affirming the negativity surrounding the depressed person.<br />
<br />
A "cutter" as you so 'nicely' put it, can get help from peers (people who have gone through the same or who are still in it). It's a proven concept.<br />
<br />
I hope that you can see my nuance to your ideas of helping. I'm no expert either, yet I do try to put myself in the other's shoes and comment accordingly.<br />
<br />
Likewise, I try to understand your angle on it too.<br />
Many thanks for trying, every little helps and all together we do make a difference.

I know it is hard not to believe me, but try not to, what makes you want to cut yourself? try and channel this energy somewhere else honey even though youthink it makes you feel better it doesn't does it all you are left with is the scars of your inner pain visible to the world.<br />
Be strong

Thanks xbrokenxangelx, I would like to talk, if you have time - your security settings won't let me send messages, though. But we can just talk on here, that is okay too.

Thank you, Perturbee. It's good to hear from someone positive. I will do my best to follow your advice...but it is not easy...

I am here for you if you need some one to talk to.

Asrielle, cutting (like any other pain causing self-damage) is just a mechanism to 'cover' other pains.<br />
It's very hard to face your causes of these pains, but probably very necessary. <br />
<br />
Right now (based on your responses to others here) I think you're on the tumbling dominoes path. One tips over the next... <br />
Try to move your focus on something positive, no matter how small. Then add another one. And try building a path of positive dominoes. When they all start to tumble, you'll laugh instead of cry...<br />
<br />
I'm not so up myself all the time, I am probably in one of my worst phases of life. Yet, I try not to let it get to me. And yes, I'm guilty of self-damage too. I know it all to well.<br />
<br />
Your feelings are real, let nobody tell you otherwise.<br />
You're reaching out, we're responding, some good, some bad. You're not alone.

JoeDeGhetto, why are you posting on a depression forum? You are entitled to your opinion, but this website is supposed to be supportive. I'm sure there are other groups where your responses would be more appropriate.

There isn't any one thing that's making me want to do it's as if every little thing that happens is just one more reason. I have been struggling with this for hours. Usually it goes away if I wait awhile, but it isn't this time...I don't think I've had an urge ever last this long before. I have been trying to find someone to talk to for over an hour on a couple of different groups on here, because I am really making an effort, but everything is discouraging me. Thank you so much for your supportive words - I appreciate that. I am glad to hear from someone who understands and won't judge me.

I know it is hard not to believe me, but try not to, what makes you want to cut yourself? try and channel this energy somewhere else honey even though youthink it makes you feel better it doesn't does it all you are left with is the scars of your inner pain visible to the world.<br />
Be strong

Thank you for replying, rusteddusk, I was feeling pretty discouraged...I have been battling depression for 7 years - since I was 15. I do take medication for it, but I think it may need adjusting.

Asrielle, don't listen to that guy. He obviously hasn't a clue of what he is talking about. Depression can be very complexed. How long have you been battling depression? Are you on any medication for it?

That's not very helpful.