Facing Divorce After 38 Years of Marriage

I have been helping out my adult daughter and do not have any savings. I find out that my bipolar husband wants a divorce afer 38 years of marriage the 17th of this month. I do not know where to begin. The apraiser is coming to look at the house the day after tomorrow. I am afraid because his behavior can get so extreme.  He has ran up a lot of debt. I need to come up with money for a lawyer and find a place to live.  At the present time I do not have the first month and deposit money for an apartment. I guess I could get someone to move my stuff to storage and see if I could stay with some one for a month untill I can come up with this money.  I do have a job for which I am very grateful.  Please pray for me as I need much support.  I am trying to exercise to help me with the stress of this situation.  I am going to have to look at my money situation very carefully.  I do not have any family where I live and want to keep my job so I will have a reitement pension. I want to keep working as long as I can.  I guess I will just have to take this day by day. 

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1 Response Sep 14, 2009

I read your story and found it very moving. Best wishes to you. It sounds like you have a good and stable way of dealing with your stress. Exercise is such a positive thing to do. It will provide dividends in many ways. Your attitude of gratitude for having a job is also very comforting. I try to practice these two things myself. <br />
I have recently discovered Hay House and am interested in learning more. I've enjoyed talks given by Wayne Dyer and wonder what other positive reinforcement I can find there. <br />
Let us know how you're coping. <br />