On My Own...

I must have been a sheltered child because living life on my own is really overwhelming and at times I just feel like giving up and curling up on my bed under the covers and never waking up. I'm supposed to be a full grown adult next year and I still feel like I am still the same me. I haven't changed much and neither has my maturity? I am not as responsible as others believe I would be. I am very much what people would call a kluts, airhead and such. I want to live up to everyone else's expectations of me but it is so difficult at times. I'm stressing about exams and I just suck at managing everything...I don't like to be looked down upon by other people so its really overwhelming to try and do so many things that I've never really done before. Highschool to University is really a large step up. My housemates make me feel very useless...they're all perfect in every aspect, grades, extracurriculars, daily life in general. I forgot to turn off the stove last night and the house could have gone on fire! I can't imagine what they think of me now!!! D: fml.

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2 Responses Oct 18, 2009

I think you should stop beating yourself up . you are perfect just the way god made you . and remember we are all human everyone makes mistakes . thanks 4 shareing best of luck 2 you!

You sound overwhelmed. Don't worry what you think other people think. There are no expectations. It's your life. Take one task at a time. And think of each one as a huge achievement. (e.g. homework, laundry, making dinner, turning off the stove.) It's a hard adjustment for anyone; so don't single yourself out. I was there. I'm sure your other roommates are going through their own troubles. Everyone is different, and nobody is perfect!! Make a friend and talk about things together. Good Luck! It's fun learning independence, just don't stress, your not expected to know things until you've learned them. Just DON'T give up! :)