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depression fills me with self-doubt

There I am, going along just fine. I will be the picture of pride and confidence then it hits me. When I become depressed I begin questioning myself and trying to pinpoint the motivations for my recent actions. Of course the "answers" are usually biased toward the most negative of reasons. It is frightening and disturbing.

deusopus deusopus 31-35, M 3 Responses Nov 11, 2009

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I am currently going through a similar issue. I have been functioning just fine and making progress, suddenly out of nowhere this feeling of complete hopelessness. My experience tells me that this will pass given time. I used to fight the feelings and end up exhausted then a wise person taught me to sit with the feeling and almost welcome it into my life. She told me adopting this aproach would make the feeling go away much faster than fighting it. My personal experience using this technique has proved her to be correct. It's worth a try, nothing ventured nothing gained. Good luck.

Know those feelings of self-doubt. I continually battle with feeling depressed, then the feeling passes for awhile and then it comes back. It can really screw with your mind and feelings.

Depression is a tough battle and only when you experience it do you understand how it creeps into a life. Once there, where it takes you you really don't want to go.<br />
<br />
Keep up the good fight, you can beat it.