i want to learn from others how to cope with my feelings of darkness and feelings of helplesness. My family do there best for me at all times although it is also hard for them to cope with me being the way i am.

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I know many of your feelings are to protect them from your intense feelings during depression. Part of the problem is tey probably can't realte to your feelings since more than likely they never battled depression. Unfortunately, the battle over depression is yours alone and it takes time to get ahead of it. You can get to a happier place, but exactly how you won't know until yu get "there". I wish you well on yuor battle and as you can see, you have friends here on EP to help support you.<br />
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I know it sounds counter intuiative, but you may want to continue to reach out and connect with others like you did here on EP. I applaud your courage to write this. Since depression usually involves isolation, by others and by your acts, trying to make meaningful connectiosn with others breaks the isolation. Difficult we all know when you feel so unhappy and emotianl pain. It wil take some time, so be patient with yourself too.<br />
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Feel free to email me if you have questions or just to chat. Best wishes on your battle.

i always think to myself are things really that bad? i usually see my doctor/counciler once a week and having not seen her for 2 weeks its been hard what's going wrong anything i could help with?

Thanks for your comment its always nice to hear someone has got better. I am hoping things will pick up. thanks for your support if you ever need to talk or ask advise i am here