Tomrrow Would Be A Good Day To Not Be Depressed

ive been feeling like **** the last few days and it only seems to be getting worse. The smallest little things are setting me off and stopping it is becoming impossible.

Tomorrows my birthday and its suppose to be an amazing day but all i want to do is sleep all day long and do nothing. I cant even describe the way i feel. Its mainly sadness, betrayal, jealousy, anger and just all around horrible. The good news is Im not having suicidal thoughts, though I wish I was.

Another thing ive had a problem with is crying. Every time I got to cry my body stops its self. I just dont know what to do.

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Thank you all for your support and understanding. I've been going through a lot of **** the past few months and for some reason about 4 days ago it just started up again. Im starting to believe that me and my soul mate arent meant to be together and its so hard to handle (theres a long story behind that). The bottom line is his friends, who do not know me at all, have been going off of what Sean tells them and its mainly been bad so they judge me off of that and have been talking **** about me ever since. His family also hates me for what happened between us 5 years ago. Once again Sean goes to his brother for help just liek he does with his friends so he also complained to his brother about us so now his brother, another person who doesnt know me, is judging me off of Seans anger. <br />
<br />
It just seems as though all of the signs are pointing to no but when im with him every sign is screaming yes!

I always think that I don't have depression but really I do have it. It come and goes like a headache. When it comes I play game or concentrate on my course and it helps me alot or sometime I go out and have a nice coffee in the nice cafe and sometime I do exercise until I sweat then going to have a nice shower. I don't use any anti depression medicine because of the side effect that I won't want to have in my body. I might talk like I can manage my depression very well but believe me nobody can get rid of it permanently. At the end of the day only me can help myself and I have to be strong if I want to have a healthy life and find a love of my life.

Listen, do whatever you wanna do whenever you want to...<br />
sleep as long as you want even if it's your birthday.<br />
<br />
I have the same problem, when I want to cry , my whole body stops itself too....<br />
so, you're not the only one who feels like this way...we're two now :D

Maybe the approach of your birthday has something to do with the way you've been feeling. I think it's almost subconscious but a birthday reminds us that time is passing, we're growing older, we haven't achieved goals we wanted to, we're not around people we would like to be, we're not the person we would like to be. Birthdays can be quite depressing and sad because they are a reminder of life, and if life hasn't been good lately... <br />
I confess that I hate my birthday. Mostly because people think that I should be happy on this day but I feel just more awful than ever. <br />
My advice to you is: just relax because it will pass. Luckily, birthdays just happen once a year.<br />
Take care,<br />