Do Pedo,s Know How Much They Distroy Familys

i wish i could say i would snap out of the way im feeling, but every morning i open my eyes im in a place i realy dont want to be , alone , dont get me wrong ive got a fab fella whos stood by me ,but he has his own life to sort out, every thing ive done is to protect my daughter , i love her so much i cant even think about anything else , you see she went to live with her dad after the police dropped the charges . the bastard lived 2 doors away how could i even think about letting her out to play with him still around so she moved to her dads and shes safe , i just wish it was me keeping her safe , i mss he so much ,do these bastards know how they rip peoples life apart, my day will come and i will have him , i just wish i finished him of the first time, nothing anyone can say will make this **** i feel inside go away how can they with words that mean nothing to me .if i had just one wish it would be to go back in time before all this happened i want my family back but to much has happened and shes so settled how could i move her again . no my lonelyness will have to stay  shes more inportant than my feelings , i just want to feel alive again

debrajayne debrajayne
51-55, F
Feb 7, 2010