I Have Your Little Bastard Now ,,and He Will Not Escape Me This Time

so he writes his little words of wisdom,,and trys to make you feel better ,,,his life is screwed up its all he has ,to try and cover his sin ,,by calling out to others ,,while they are in pain ,,,,,its fruitless i have him now ,this little bastard who trys to escape me thru words ,,,forget him ,for this time i will finish the job ,,i made him angry by making this place not work for him ,,but i never succeeded ,because he came back,but now his anger has opened the door to his soul ,and i have taken him,,,,,this time ill finish the job ,,ill take him to a hell he,s never seen before ,,then im gonna rip his ******* heart out and make him watch it burn ,,like he burnt his parents house all those years ago ,,,,he,s demon spawn and you cant do anything to help him ,,,,your words will not reach him were he,s going ,,,,,,,and you  will know me ,im am his visitor ,,,he is me and i am him ,,,,,,,he is lost ,,,forget him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the little ****

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Feb 8, 2010