I Feel Like Giving Up

Im so lost i want to give up, i want to know the reason that im put on this earth, i am 19 years old and i have never had a girlfriend. im really not happy any more. im so shy, and can't make friends. i really want to give up, i go to community college and live at home, and i hate that so much. when im not in school im sitting at home doing nothing, my body has become so weak from sitting around and i feel so lazy. i am tired all the time and so depressed. i hate this. 

Itsyourlife Itsyourlife
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Maybe you should also get a job if your able to do the work. Also, Get a dog, they make wonderufl companions. One saved my life, when I was so down and out. Careing for him and his unconditional love for me, braught me back from the brink of death and suicide. <br />
Also, a wise man once told me, to change what I could, and do not worry about the rest, life will take care of the things you can do nothing about.

Dont feel too bad, one of my sons is 23 and never had a girlfriend. Theres nothing wrong with him and he is good looking. I dont think he has much confidence in actually talking to them from what I hear. Thats not to say youll have to wait 'till then.<br />
You would be better off joining a special interest group either a sports group or a computer group or cooking class, anything that you are interested in. Ive met some great people in classes. Depression can only get worse the less you do about it. I know it is hard but try to get out and meet people the kind of people who can become your friend (not the ones hellbent on making others lives a misery) Would you consider talking to someone you trust about your depression?