Baby, Its Yours If You Want It, So Go Grab It Now!



I have a family whom love me so much. But when I dropped out from a good university because of mental depressions, they started to turn their back on me.

Even my own mother ignores my presence in this house. Ironically, they never asked me why I dropped out from the university in the first place. They never ask me what's wrong, what's the problems, what's going on in your life? They just silently let me float around this house like I'm a ghost they can't see.

I tried to talk to them about my problems, but they prefer to folds their arms and just let me be. Sometime I felt confused because I'd always had my back supported by my family. It makes my depression became worse than before and I started to slit my wrist every time I felt the urge to suicide.

But today I woke up and see outside the window; the sun shine so brightly I'm almost blinded by it. I shed a tear of grateful that I'm still alive and can feel the warmth of the sun. Now I thought to myself; "why bother mourning about people who doesn't need you, when you have to do your best for what YOU NEED in your life." I smiled and jump out of my bed to face the future.

My future are still unknown, but its MY decision on who I want to be, not anyone's decisions to treat me like a ghost or ignore me like a trash. My family will forever be my family. It doesn't matter if they don't want me anymore, what matter most is what I want in my own life right now. I'll take baby steps if it's difficult and I'll run like crazy if its there in front of my eyes.

Rejoice myself, and rejoice my friends, you can make yourself even more precious than the sun if you want to. Just believe in yourself, cast away those unwanted or those not wanting you, step forward and make your own life beautiful!


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6 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Thank you GLASSLEG, I will come to Liverpool one day and I'll let you know before I took a flight there okay?<br />
Thanks for the concern... Hug and kisses from me... (^_^)

Why on earth would a pretty little thing like you ever get depressed? If you ever want to visit Liverpool in the UK you can come and stay and I will show you what happiness and contentment is.

Thank you trying2breakfree!<br />
I hope the same things to you too! Keep everything positive and never give up okay?<br />
Hus and kisses! (^_^)

I admire your story. I hope that you have good things to come. And in the end you have to do what you feel is right for yourself.

That's is absolutely true starstrike.<br />
Keep your chin up and walk through the rain, because no matter how stormy and windy the rain is, after all said and done, you can always see a beautiful rainbow in the sky... (^_^)

Brilliantly put - "The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but a state of mind." - Even a depressive mind!