If I Slip Away, If I Die Today

How would people remember me? as the person who committed suicide? or the person who had a long battle and lost..would my personality be remembered? the smiles and my sense of humour? or would people only remember the crying and the depression? im still reallllly young but i know i've made a mark on a lot of people in my life. i exist as a support for so many close relatives and care so much for my friends. i strive to help others. but then there is a point where you ask yourself, well what about me? at what expense am i there for others? at the expense that i myself begin to disappear? 


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18-21, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

One thing I can promise you is this: giving to others will not only never make you disappear, it will bring to light more of what you are, like the facets of a crystal when the sun strikes it.<br />
So much of what is possible within us lies dormant until we turn our focus away from ourselves and our own pain and face outward.<br />
If you took your own life you would be remembered as someone who ended what surely would have been a beautiful symphony in the first few bars, which would be a great loss to the world.<br />
You speak of your ability to offer support and deep caring for others...that is one of the rarest and most precious of gifts, far more valuable in the big picture than being a financial genius or a rock star or an Olympic athlete.<br />
In the end, it is our compassion and our ability to love unselfishly that makes the human race beautiful despite all of our flaws, and possessing these gifts make YOU beautiful, as I am sure your family and friends would gladly tell you.