Would You Dare Walk With Me ,,,come Take My Hand

Do you doubt the visitor exists,,it lives within us all ,,when the darkness takes me ,and the visitor has control of my mind ,would you dare walk with me ,,take this journey and be a spectator in this savage world into witch i decened,,see the struggle between sane and insanity take place ,,i can let you do this without harm to your self ,,,,,so would you take my hand and stand beside me on this journey ,,,,believe me it is something i can make happen hugs xn728

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

feelindepressed, i know what your saying, and you to xn728. there is no real definition for normal but i feel like the norms of a society or whatever society you are in has its own way of saying who is normal and who is not. 99% of the time i feel liek a freak, i am nowhere near this society norm of normal. and i feel like i am mentally insane because of how my depressison gets me thinking and feeling and when i am in public i feel like one little black fish in an ocean of rainbows. i always feel alone. but when i read your stories i feel comfortable, liek its ok for me to be who and how i am

I would hold your hand and walk with you, because that is where I am headed also. It's hard to imagine other people's perspective of depression, b/c most people cannot comprehend it. I wonder what they think of us? Maybe that is why I have no friends, maybe they sense the darkness in me, no matter how much I try to be friendly and pretend its not there. I'm starting to think depression cannot be compeletely "cured" either...just tolerated and treated ....