Decreasing My Meds...advice?

I was on 10 mg of Lexapro and it made me a vegetable/zombie and no libido whatsoever. I tried to get off it a month ago and had to go back to it. For the last three days I have cut the pills in half and only taken 5 mg. So far, I have been very emotional around the time I usually take it (at night) to the point where I am filled with overwhelming sadness and just want to cry.  Is this typical? I think if this doesn't work, I will try Wellburin once the Lexapro runs out.

Any advice?

anna2029 anna2029
2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

i tried prozac and it took away my libido i think most anti depressants will do that. it made me feel like a zombie also, but at the time i was so depressed so i was content with feeling better/different. the problem with that is i asked myself do i love my boyfriend.....any question i asked myself i didnt have much of a response or any feelings what so ever. so feeling like a zombie isnt living!<br />
my therapist told me to deal with it for another month so i got off of it. try the wellburin and see what happens.<br />
there is a website that talks about people's experiences with the drugs that your using. the website is just like this one but's called you can find out peoples experience with welburin. if a lot of people had bad experiences you will get a heads up.<br />
you can also research it on the search engine and find websites that has peoples experiences with it.

I can't help you cuz I've never taken pills n never will, but that's why I won't…