I Dont ,understand ,,i Dont Believe Everything Im Told ,,

ive just got used to the site again ,it does not treat me well ,,while im on here everyhting freezes,,it took me 2hrs to right the previous story last night ,,but i have put up with it for my freinds sake ,,i came here to post again ,,and i see this were someone has posted saying ,,i dont believe everything im told ,,,,and i tryed to find and explanation,but i cant ,,,you see i only speak the truth ,why would i lie ,,it may have only have been a generalization this comment but  i talk from the heart ,and the things that i talk about are all true ,ive never thought about not being believed  until now ,why would anyone not believe me im sincere ,,but now i have to wonder,,,,i dont understand this statement ,so i will go ,and take my mouth with me  ive been alone all my life ,,so making another journey along this road wont cause me much pain ,ive talked about private things here ,,,and i feel like ive been ******* shafted,,,, ,xn728

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Feb 14, 2010