Life Sux...then You Die

my life seems to be a whirlwind at times....i get whiplash from my moodswings but i cant help it. i am a self harmer but i do not do it to kill myself. to me its like when you say you hand hurts so someone stomps on your foot and then your hand doesnt hurt anymore becuz your foot does.....same thing but its was my heart instead of my hand and my arm instead of my foot. i always end up hurting people but i never mean too and it hurts me to hurt them. i put a smile on my face but inside im slowly dieing and noone knows

twinni twinni
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

well thats alil retarded if you ask me....maybe its cuz i look at cutting at a differant way

I know I didnt say you did I said thats what I would do.

i do not throw my scars in peoples faces....i dont do it to get attention

I wish I could cut myself and then put a smile on my face. I'd be happy no one knew because it would be my little secret until something horrible happened and then i would throw it in their faces...doesnt sound like a bad idea, too bad my pain Tolerance is so low.