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6-12 grade i have had melt downs tears have been wasted at lest 10 doctors 7 therapists 9 psychologists   have seen me all of them have been scared by me hours of feeling trapped in my own body  hundreds of dollars spent on drugs so if you want to meet some one who knows .....its me   

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Antideps are useless drugs, in my humble opinion. They have more adverse effects than real effects..and they are a temporary solution to a long term problem. The only real and permanent cure for depression I think is love for that is what all normal human beings seek all the time.

I am not sure that anyone who says "I know what you feel like" really understands mental health problems. Is being in love or being happy the same for everyone? I am not sure. Everyone has their own unique experience of mental health issues.<br />
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Does life get better? Does life get worse? Depends on you perception of how life is treating you. Did you laugh today? Did you cry? Do you remember when you last laughed or do you remember when you last cried. Which?<br />
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One in four people are reckoned to have a mental health issue. Each person has a different type of experience as individual as is the case that everyone is an individual. <br />
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I never trust anyone who says "I know what you are going through".<br />
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Take care

Awww, you poor little dear, I was sent to a shrink when I was young I feared the shrink, my stepdad used a form of "discipline" that was said to have been suggested by this professional that was nothing short of a form of torture. It's hard to defy those who do what they do for what they preceive as "for your own good". I find it helpful (for me) to remember that all adults were once kids, and many have the same immature qualities they had when they were young still in them. You being very young and me older It would not be proper to say more than I can understand what I went through and that I do wish you well. I reply to all messages as best I can. If I can give any words of comfort I will. I have meltdowns all the time and I'm an old construction worker. just yesterday the breaking of a clock i was cleaning reduced me to tears and started a chasin of events that threw me into a terrible depression. we all in this increasingly complicated over automated world are only human.