I Should Be Perfectly Happy... Right?

At least that's what everyone tells me.

I'm a successful professional with a wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Being a husband and a father is all I ever wanted. I adore my family.

But then my wife got me involved in a small business. She has a sketchy work ethic so I told her I didn't want to do it. She called me unsupportive.
So I got involved, built her a website and put her in business. I invested more than 600 hours and thousands of dollars.
Then, she flaked out. I shouldn't have been surprised because that her personality but now the store is closed and we are in debt.

I live paycheck to paycheck in a sexless,lonely marriage. Now, I have to rebuild without any help from my wife.
She's out spending money we don't have and only screams when I complain. She spends all day facebooking and ignoring her family.
I feel lost and overwhelmed. Now I run the house, my career and the new business all by myself.
Bleyde Bleyde
Feb 15, 2010