Dark Sheet Over My Eyes....

I feel like there is a Dark Sheet over my eyes. I feel like everything is in a dark room late at night, and I am too scared to open my eyes. The world feels like that sometimes, that the brightness will Kill me, and that I am hiding from something. Depression is hard to live with day in and day out. Depression is the feeling that you want to stay in bed all day, and not get out, that the thought of dealing with people all day makes you want to give up. Depression is a part of my life, but it no longers controls me anymore, it use to, but it doesn't. Depression is Not easy to live with, and to cope with, but knowledge does help, and being treated helps even more. Depression is not something anyone choose to live with. Its something that we have to. I hate depression, because sometimes its hard to come out of that dark hole. Depression is just like cancer, if it is not treated it can spread, and it does spread, and it does control your mind, and your whole body. Its a daily battle not only with yourself, but with your mind as well. I hate depression, and I hate how it grabs a hold of you sometimes. Depression SUCKS. Depression is a hard battle, and its true. I Do battle depression, I don't let it win, and the day I give in to the depression and succed in killing myself is the day that depression wins. Everyday that I wake up, and climb out of bed, is another day that I beat the depression. Just because I am depressed, doesn't mean the depression has won, it means I have won, because I woke up that day, and chose to fight the depression, and I always will, till the day I die, I will keep fighting against the depression.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

May you continue the good fight and inspire others that each of us can get ahead of it.

Keep up the fight. I am there fighting alongside you!