I Hope He Never Comes Back ,,,,,,



i was seven at the time roughly when the visitor arrived when this took place. I heard the motorbike reving up behind the shops near my home ,so i went to look at the fence ,i could see a man with a beard ,messing with the bike ,he would ride them up and down ,he would glance at me now and then as he went by ,i loved bikes ,i went in the shop and bought a mars bar ,wwoow the guy with the bikes was serving me behind the counter ,do you like bikes he asked ,i nodded ,well next time you see me come around and have a look ,again i nodded ,and skipped home ,

the bike guy hand spoke to me ,cool ,next day i heard the bikes and went

round to the back of the shop ,i stood away a little ,he noticed me stood there and came over to me ,put his hand on my shoulder and ushered me to his big shed ,he had many bikes ,and bits all over ,during the coming days he would have me cleaning parts and show me how things worked ,i

never said much ,but he did not seem to mind .it was great i was an hells angel ,one day i was needing a pee and got up to go home ,were you going he asked ,toilet i said ,here you go ,took me to a small outhouse

with a toilet ,i wouldnt go in ,theres no light i said ,he flicked on the light and i went in ,i left the door unlocked ,i have a morbid fear of dark small spaces ,i was just starting to relieve myself ,the door clicked shut as the light went out ,i went crazy pissed allover mysef ,screaming ,kicking ,the door crying for my mother ,he entered as the light went on ,the door held shut behind him ,sshhh,sshhh he said ,be quiet ,if you make a niose i,ll turn out the light ,he touched me in my private place ,were only i had ever touched ,as he did things to he told me if i told anyone he would shut me in here and turn out the light and no one would hear ,and if i did not come back he would come and find me ,and tell the police i had stolen sweets from the shop ,each time i went round he would take his pleasure with me

i was young ,frightend ,i still loved the bikes ,i didnt know what he was doing or how it wasnt supposed to be this way ,,weeks passed and one day ,he pushed me over a bike saddle and he ,well he raped me ,,it hurt so much i cryed ,he offered me sweets ,told me he would take me out riding ,i knew this was very wrong and was very confused,i didnt want to go back but fear made me ,the next day i went round all was quiet and the bike shed locked ,days went by nothing after a few weeks i knew he had gone ,i know now ,he probably had reliesed he had committed a great atrossity and had made good his escape ,i was and still am afraid of small spaces i can still feel him touching me and smell his grubby little oily hands ,and the bikes i hear often ,its taken a great deal of courage to write this,i still wonder if hell come back ,maybe the visitor will bring him to me ,this is the second big event in my life ,you know about the fire,

now this ,and the third ,well i dont know ,but if you cant understand why im the way i am now then you never will ,i was born to suffer ,this thing i have never told anyone it could only be done here ,i could not face anyone with this

maybe i am just a dirty little bastard ***** ,,,xn728



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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

This moved me so much as I know how difficult it must have been to write, and I don’t know what to say other than: Thank you so much for posting!